So, what is this all about?

I though a lot about starting a travel blog.

Well, that’s a lie. The idea came to me earlier today on the plane and here I am now, fuelled mostly by the desire of deliver my thoughts and experiences on something a lot less private than my usual Moleskine notepads.

Unlike many travel bloggers, who seem to be perfectly at ease by spending months on cargo ships off the Indian Ocean on the lookout for Somali pirates, I run a not-so-exciting life. It involves office work from 8 AM to [hours may vary] and my travels are mostly short hops around Europe, commuting from one office to another, with the odd cab ride or rental car drive. Still, there’s only a limit to the number of Tiziano Terzani’s book one can read without feeling the urge to pick up the pen and write.

So here we are. That Unprepared Guy is about to start. I’ll aim to write about my travels, my ordeals and my thoughts whilst en route on a weekly basis starting from now. I hope you’ll enjoy it and will spend some of your time reading it.


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