The world from above: London, UK

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I live in London, which means that I happen to fly in or out of London between 30 and 50 times a year. Sometimes I’m sat in an aisle seat, sometimes I’m one of those unlucky sods that happen to be in a middle; sometimes I’m busy writing down notes from work, or we land from Windsor, or it’s overcast, or it’s night…

…but sometimes the weather is just fine, the light just so, and even if you don’t have a half decent camera, and even if you don’t really like London (I don’t, and will talk about it sooner or later) you just can’t avoid being glued to the window. It might not be Hong Kong, but it’s still is some view.

So, my advice is: fly to London Heathrow, and book a window seat on the right hand side of the plane. You might be unlucky and land from the West, but you stand a good chance to see this view. And just bear in mind it a lot less brilliant once you’re on the ground level, especially if you have to take the Tube.

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