Songs for the road No. 2

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I’m currently cruising at some 30,000 ft between London and Budapest, with a funny 9-months toddler sitting next to me, his dad profiting of the empty middle seat between us… And what’s bangin’ in my eardrums? Read on.

Left Lane Cruiser – Junkyard Speed Ball. There’s not getting away from it, I adore these guys. Junkyard Speed Ball was released some years ago (had I been on The ground I’d have been able to tell you that!) and its cover shows the two wonder boys from Fort Wayne, Indiana, playing their instruments on a rusty old Cadillac. It’s more than a hint to what’s in the album: powerful riffs, rough-edged sounds and lyrics about life in that bit of the States you won’t find in CSI:Miami. Best played when: well, is there a moment when not to listen to LLC?

Queens of the Stone Age – Like Clockwork. It’s been said that the inception of this album started when Josh Homme, perhaps stuck by bad karma after having sued his old Kyuss band mates, was hospitalised for months on end. What emerged is a more sober record than previous ones such as Songs for the Deaf. The tunes are more tilting towards melancholic melodies than to speed rock, but that’s find with me, for I’m in a quite introspective mood these days. Best played when: I might not be in a hospital but a person close to me is, and listening I appear missing during the hours I spend in the wards is definitely a good tonic for the soul.

LCD Soundsystem – Sound of silver. I miss them, God knows how much I do. I can’t even start enumerating the number of events in my life that had James Murphy’s songs in the background. I went to see them live at an epic gig that they opened for Daft Punk and, I mean, it doesn’t get better than that.
I remember being quite anxious about Sound of Silver. The first LP was great, and I feared that their second wouldn’t quite live up to that. So, when it came out, I sat listening to it with palpitations, no kidding. I needn’t worry, though: the guys made it again, and Sound of silver became one of the soundtracks of my life. I had “Someone great” on a loop when my grandmother died, and “All my friends” is always the background noise for our drunken meet-ups with my university friends. Best played when: use the bass loop of “Get innocouos” for your check-in – security – walk to gate race. It won’t be any faster, but it won’t feel that long either.

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