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A bowl of duck noodles and dumplings: how Hong Kong redeemed itself.

Hong Kong had, up that moment, disappointed us. True, the sci-fi looks we had expected were as shiny as we wanted them to be, but everything else was too sanitised, too franchised and too blatantly volgar for us to like … Continue reading

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Flying for the sake of it.

As a teenager I used, to calm myself down and cool off my problems by walking my dog. Tracey, my trusty German shepherd dog, would walk with me through parks and roads, scrub lands and mountains, happily making path ahead … Continue reading

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“In the South Seas”, by Robert Louis Stevenson

A few weeks ago, browsing through the travel literature section of a book shop, I found a copy of a book I never knew existed. It was named In the South Seas, and the author was a person who, in my … Continue reading

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The city that turned itself into a theme park.

A few hours from Hong Kong, I found myself looking around in the cavernous tranquility of the main deck of the British Airways’ A380, glancing at the faces of my fellow passengers. Many were asleep, relaxed expressions painted blue by … Continue reading

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Getting closer to the end of the line.

I should’ve known better by now, but the way that humans manage to adapt themselves to new, uncomfortable situations never cease to amaze me. I was driving home in the wee hours of Saturday morning, shortly after having taken this … Continue reading

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Genoa: a charmy lady sailing through stormy seas

There was, once, the Industrial Triangle. It was composed by Milan, Turin and Genoa and it was, basically, what propped Italy into the G7 club. Turin had the cars, Genoa the shipyards and Milan basically everything else. Then the 1990s came … Continue reading

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