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Occupy Central vs Beijing: it’s turning nasty.

I don’t want to turn this into a politics blog but I cannot avoid writing about Occupy Central and their protests. Ever since I saw them picketing a skyscraper downtown, belonging to a wealthy billionaire with connections with Beijing’s elite, … Continue reading

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Sailing to Vancouver: a journey across the Georgia Straits

The ferry has barely had the time to leave the jetty that the rudder is already making the big boat steer westwards, avoiding an impending wall of rocks. There, in front of us, lies a branch of open waters, fringed … Continue reading

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An early morning flight over Vancouver Island, BC.

It was going to be a gorgeous, hot and sunny day, but that was the future. Back then it was 6:30 and I was shivering in my shirt, weary and red-eyed after a night on a bench at Vancouver Airport. … Continue reading

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Reducing one’s personal environmental footprint: my way of dealing with the problem.

I’m a climate change sceptic. It’s not that I don’t believe it’s happening, but I seriously think that most of what’s happening in the world has very little to do with us and there’s plenty of evidence to support that. Look … Continue reading

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Hagia Sophia – a tour through an icon’s history

The Hagia Sophia museum has an entry price which is nothing short of a rip-off. Outside, you’ll be harassed by street sellers and impostors posing as guides. Inside it’ll be full of noisy and disrespectful people either yapping on their … Continue reading

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A tale of two neighbourhoods

London is a city, architectonically speaking, that offers many interesting buildings but that is, also, very uniform. The same design recurs times and times again, all around the city. Does this means that, no matter where you go, London will … Continue reading

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The world from above – Northwestern Italy

  Italy, as I never stop telling my colleagues, is not only made of islands, tomato sauce and tarantella, like the UK is not just made of tiny cottages, clotted cream and old ladies saying “jolly good” at every possible occasion. … Continue reading

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The most tragic, miserable and bone-breaking way of travelling. Coach.

Early on Saturday morning last week I emerged from Budapest Airport’s Terminal 2B with a smile on my face. I had a thoroughly enjoyable couple of flights on Turkish Airlines, the sun was shining and – miracle – the ATM … Continue reading

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A faith stronger than communism or mainland tourists: Man Mo Temple, Hong Kong

On our last day in Hong Kong, disappointed by the antiques sellers in Cat streets – everyone had the same bundle of Maoist posters, pictures of Kai Tag and fake Communist paraphernalia – we stumbled upon a true gem. Founded … Continue reading

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Capturing light: the lost art of stained glass in Hungary

Hungary, in my humble opinion, is one of the most underrated countries in Central Europe. Most of those who bothered visiting either contented themselves with a quick trip over to Budapest or with a cruise down the Danube, oblivious of … Continue reading

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