(Shameless advertisement) A new enhancement! A new page! Oooh!

…yes, much like those airlines that put up such a circus for having change their logo in the most imperceptible way (yes Cathay Pacific, I’m talking about you) I’m devolving a whole post to a rather minor change on this blog.

Basically, I’ve added a bucket list of places I’m going to go to in the next few months. Such places can be divided in two groups:

  1. Places I’m almost 100% sure that I’ll visit, meaning that I’ve either bought the tickets or secured the funds and time for them, and…
  2. Places I’ve started making plans for, but for which I haven’t got all the ticketing and buying quite sorted out. Funding, unless catastrophic events happen (and believe me, they have… and many times in the last few months), is pretty much secured (i.e. I’ve decided not to go shopping for clothes for a little while longer, a decision that’s going to cost me dearly sometimes in the future)

…that’s it, honestly. Yes, I know.

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1 Response to (Shameless advertisement) A new enhancement! A new page! Oooh!

  1. And then there was that time Google moved down (or was it up?) parts of its logo by an entire pixel. 😀 I’m a travel geek so I love your new page.


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