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Why going to London’s New Year celebrations is an awful, awful idea

I made a poll, today, amongst my office colleagues. The question was ridiculously simple: “Would you go downtown to see the fireworks, later tonight?”. The answer was a resounding, overwhelming “No”, a result only previously seen at North Korean polls. … Continue reading

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Bumping in your fellow countrymen abroad

It’s a common story, one that you’re likely to hear in any chronicle of a travel abroad told by friends, acquaintances or relatives: “So there I was, bang in the middle of the dodgy suburbs of Kinshasa and guess what? … Continue reading

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The day when I found a warplane lost in a field.

We were driving along under the relentless Hungarian sun, past clumps of holidaying Germans and well-oiled Gypsies lurching along on rusty bikes, dirty yellow hi-vis donned askew across their shoulders. It was yet another picture-perfect day in the rolling hills … Continue reading

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Notes from a place I dread: Milan (or do I?)

How often do you happen to read, in a travel blog or magazine, an article about a place the writer absolutely hates? A place he dreads, a place the loathes, somewhere he’d rather have a dentist appointment than visit? Well, … Continue reading

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A quick hike in the Alps

It’s been a strange winter, so far, in the Alps. It’s mild, warm, rainy instead of being snowy. So, when an opportunity came to go for a quick hike on the massive slope leading up to the Mucrone mount, a … Continue reading

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Songs for the Road 4 – A slightly introspective Christmas

This year will be an odd Christmas, at least for me. In the last 12 months, in facts, my biological family has shrunk – through deaths and inheritance-caused greed – from 8 members to two, my brother and father. It … Continue reading

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Marseillais Graffiti – A photo essay (Part II)

As promised in the previous instalment, here’s the second part of my photo essay about Marseille’s street art. Graffiti are, without a shadow of a doubt, the main actor on the stage that are the Panier’s walls. But it’d be … Continue reading

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Two minutes of Napoli

Today one of the guys who hosted me in Napoli shared this beautiful video with me on Facebook. It’s called Two minutes and is a montage of many smaller videos, a few seconds long, showing different corners of what is, … Continue reading

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Travelling through a country’s music – Mali

It all started with two groups and neither of them were Malian. Ofo The Black Company was the first and I discovered them in the Botswana special of Top Gear: James May was overtaking, in a old and battered beige … Continue reading

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Marseillais Graffiti – A photo essay

As with many other cities in France, Marseille has a tough stance on graffiti. Fines and prosecution for taggers are serious business and, unlike neighbouring Italy, vandalising public properties is no longer condoned as an unsuppressable physical need felt by … Continue reading

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