Two minutes of Napoli

Today one of the guys who hosted me in Napoli shared this beautiful video with me on Facebook. It’s called Two minutes and is a montage of many smaller videos, a few seconds long, showing different corners of what is, undeniably, a great Mediterranean city. Enjoy!

Courtesy Giuseppe Divaio,

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4 Responses to Two minutes of Napoli

  1. pipsandjohn says:

    Reblogged this on Broken Columns and commented:
    ‘E’ vivendo che ho imparato a riconoscerti. Sempre, anche da molto lontano,
    La città, la sua storia,i colori e i rumori. La gente.
    Napoli dei miei occhi’.

    “It’s in living that i learned to recognize you. Always, even from far away”
    The city, its history, colors and noises. The people.
    Napoli of my eyes’.


  2. pipsandjohn says:

    Beautiful – thanks for sharing!


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