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A quiet day at the Atelier

A few months ago I wrote about  Jozséf Perlaki and his son Vince who, in the Hungarian town of Veszprém, are busy reviving the ancient art of stained glass. Today I paid a visit to their atelier, finding them in-between jobs. A … Continue reading

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Budapest street photography, part 1. Trams and bridges.

There are places, I have found, that inspire my photographic side like no other, no matter how poor the product might be. These places are packed to the rafters with quirky features, interesting aspects and angles that make me stop … Continue reading

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First snow.

This is, for me, the first snow of the season. It might not be much, but feeling the refreshing touch of snowflakes landing on my face and the soft noise of frozen snow cracking under my feet is a great … Continue reading

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Moroccan people watching

I love sitting back and watching a city going by, its citizens minding their own businesses. It feels like being a silent observer, one of those grey men that Michael Ende wrote about in Momo, just without the cigar and the … Continue reading

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Marrakech: impressions from an ochre city

“My name is Mustapha, I come from the Sahara, I am a Saharawi. Please, please come see the textiles woven by my women”. Mustapha might really be a Saharawi, it’s been a long time since the plight of his people has … Continue reading

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Irrelevant differences: visiting Mellah, the Jewish quarter of Marrakech

“Est-ce que ceci a été le quartier juif, donc?” Is this the old Jewish quarter, I ask, rather timorously, to my self-appointed guide. It’s Sunday, the day that will pass to history for the biggest gathering of people in a single … Continue reading

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“To a Mountain in Tibet’, by Colin Thubron, Vintage

Courtesy Goodreads There’s an expression that Stephen King seemingly likes to use when describing the rapture of writing or reading, the feeling of concentrating on the task at hand so much that we end up being oblivious to the passing … Continue reading

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London’s Olympic Park, today. (Part II: the Velopark)

So far, the Olympic Park had left me with mixed feelings. Brilliant architecture was mixed with not-so-great efforts, as you can read here. I kept on walking along the pedestrian pathways, marveling at the size of the place. It really beggars … Continue reading

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London’s Olympic Park, today. (Part I)

In the summer of two years ago, blessed by an unusually warm weather, London hosted its first Olympics since the sombre affair that took place in 1948. I didn’t follow them much, being hard at work as I was, but … Continue reading

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London fog.

When I told my grandma that I was going to move to London she thought I’d feel home, for it’d always be foggy (fog is a common occurrence throughout the entire winter in Northern Italy). This popular image, however, no … Continue reading

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