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Windows in the Basque country.

The city was in a state of frenzy. The local football team, Athletic Bilbao, had reached the Copa del Rey final, where they were due to play against Barcelona and the whole community was rallying behind the home boys. The club colours, red … Continue reading

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Amongst the Charlotteans, or how I smashed my own preconceptions.

The baggage of preconceptions and of prejudices that we’ve accumulated over the years is, in the vast majority of occasions, completely wrong: someone we assumed to be a twat will turn out to be a smart fellow, a dish we … Continue reading

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Stone, Glass and Steel

One of the best pleasures of my traveling life is to discover hidden gems, places that don’t figure in the usual Grand Tour of tourism and that, instead, ought to be. Charlotte, NC, is one such place. Before visiting, I had … Continue reading

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Beer and hot dogs vs tear gas and riot police. (Or the European who went to a game of baseball)

The man dressed in what could only be described like a gigantic, King-of-Hearts-shaped foam condom was rushing down the pitch, tailed closely by another one dressed in a similar costume depicting the Jack of Spades. A frantic commentary, worth of a … Continue reading

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Zollverein Shaft XII – “The most beautiful coal mine in the world”

The whole city of Essen, suburbs included, sits on top of one of the largest coal deposits in the world. 300 million years ago this industrious corner of Germany was covered in a dense, thick deciduous forest; natural events – … Continue reading

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Zollverein Kokerei – The monument that was due to be sold as scrap.

Coking is the last step of a journey that started in the aptly named Carboniferous period, 300 million years ago. Despite that, it also was the first one I discovered in my journey through Essen’s industrial heritage. Biblical parallels (Blessed are … Continue reading

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A quick visit to the countryside

Much of my interest for what I’ve grown to call “no man’s lands” is devoted to small, sleepy villages. As a habit I shun away from those hamlets which happened to become tourist destinations, sprouting an ugly collection of mansions … Continue reading

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“Dark Star Safari” by Paul Theroux, Penguin Books

Source Paul Theroux and I go a long way. I originally picked up his book almost one year ago, in its podcast form, and then – almost immediately – dropped it. The reason? The voice of the reader: whereas … Continue reading

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