Windows in the Basque country.

The city was in a state of frenzy. The local football team, Athletic Bilbao, had reached the Copa del Rey final, where they were due to play against Barcelona and the whole community was rallying behind the home boys. The club colours, red and white, flew in huge banners strewn across many streets in the Casco Viejo, as well as under lampposts and bridges along the Nervión river. Flags decorated with the slogan Aupa Athletic!, Hurrah Athletic! were swaying in the breeze around the Guggenheim museum.
It was following these banners of football faithfulness that I began noticing the city’s windows. Bilbao is a rich and architectonically diverse city, offering an interesting mélange of historic buildings from the XVII century, newer turn-of-the-century establishments and contemporary constructions coming in both sleek, fancy shapes designed by star architects and boxy 1970s designs. Their windows came in different shapes and sizes; here’s some of them.


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1 Response to Windows in the Basque country.

  1. varasc says:

    Vivid and beautifully written. Nice images.. superb contrast. The short text was perfectly able to convey a sense of urgency, motion, passion. Always better.


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