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In the land of the selfie

Photography, to me, is a cracking way of capturing the impression of a moment. A street scene, something I just glimpse with the corner of my eye, or even something I haven’t actually seen but that happened to fall in … Continue reading

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A new, 200 years old, idea: bringing gin distillation back to London.

Disclaimer: this post describes a visit to a gin distillery in London whose name, location and products are named more than once. It isn’t a product placement and I have not been paid or remunerated to publish this post. In … Continue reading

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Monkeys, leafy streets and an unlikely name. A tribute to Botafogo.

At 7 o’clock AM, punctual as the council tax bill or the Gol planes noisily gliding towards Santos Dumont airport, they arrived. A small family of marmosets – gray-ish fur, long tail, inquisitive expressions and long white hair sprouting out … Continue reading

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Queremos o nosso Bonde! The battle to put Rio’s only tram back on its tracks.

Sometimes, and that’s one of bitterest moments in life, you learn the importance of something only when that something gets taken away from you. As an introduction, I know, this is more worthy of a whingey Taylor Swift song than … Continue reading

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Once there was a barber shop: turning London in Anywhereland.

I’ve said many times that I don’t like living in London, a revelation that usually triggers surprised reactions by those I speak with. There are many reasons for my distaste for London: weather, prices, transportation, housing… But one is bigger … Continue reading

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Curved surfaces and shiny glass.

There was a time, many years ago, when anything even remotely associable to a famous modern architect would’ve sent me drooling in envy. Back in those years I was rock in the belief that, to be considered worth existing, a … Continue reading

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In the Casco Viejo: Bilbao people watching

We arrived in Bilbao on a Sunday, expecting to find the city deserted, its inhabitants still sitting at their lunch tables or enjoying a siesta. The views from the , airport bus seemed to confirm this, for all we could see were … Continue reading

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