The closest thing to “Out of office”

So, the last three weeks have been hectic. I’m inbetween projects and that means that I’m living dreaded moment when you’re being squeezed like a lemon from your old team and new commitments flooding in.
Hopefully it’ll all be over at the end of the month. In the meantime, I haven’t had much time to dedicate to enjoying travelling, apart from yesterday evening. I was on the plane, on that magic moment when the pointy end starts to aim downwards, and the screens inform you have less than 30 minutes to go. I looked out, and saw the good old Alps popping out of the haze, glaciers hanging in there despite the extremely hot weather.
It lasted a second, the time to snap a picture: then it was back to the spreadsheet that I went, I only had another 30 minutes before the next email download.

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2 Responses to The closest thing to “Out of office”

  1. varasc says:

    Magnificent aerial view of our beloved Alps. Nice to see you home now. Ciao!


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