Properly out of office now.

The last e-mails have been sent, the polite reminder has been set up, my drawers have been bolted shut and I made a dash for the door; for a week, I shall be nowhere to be seen.
If only the flight wasn’t overbooked and I wasn’t left behind, waiting for another one leaving six hours later. I guess I’ll spend the time dozing and looking at the planeloads of vacationers jetting off from the murky, humid and gray London, off to sunnier – hopefully – climates.
I shall be back a week or so from now; in the meantime, here’s a moody picture of the hamlet of Antagnod, in Italy’s Alps, taken last week. The second hottest summer since 2003 and it rained one day out of two whilst I was there.
I wish I kept the receipt for that rabbit’s foot lucky charm, it ain’t working I can tell you.

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6 Responses to Properly out of office now.

  1. richandalice says:

    Nice photo…a very different atmosphere than most alpine shots.


  2. LaVagabonde says:

    Bon voyage. Rabbit feet that aren’t attached to a living rabbit are always bad luck.


  3. varasc says:

    Ciao Fabrizio. Enjoy your flight and trip. Greetings, too, from the rainy Alps.

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