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A door on a side street.

Kyoto is a grid-like maze, bewildering at first but easy to navigate once one gets his bearings. This means, in other words, sticking to the network of larger roads, those major arteries that, by bisecting each other, channel traffic and people from … Continue reading

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British Airways’ New Talent Awards

A bit of a late notice, given the timelines, but here’s something interesting for my fellow travel writers: on yesterday’s flight, whilst browsing through the BA in-flight magazine, I noticed a call for young (up to 30 years old) writers, … Continue reading

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The sacred and the profane, or an afternoon at Fushimi Inari Taisha.

The Japanese approach to religion sounds odd and unfamiliar to those, like yours truly, grown up in the shadow of the clear-cut divisions operated by monotheistic cults. Folks, over here in the archipelago, can be Shinto, and Buddhist, at the same … Continue reading

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People of Kyoto.

I feel like I’m somehow developing my photographic skills, probably more through chance or happy coincidence than by actual will. Kyoto offered some great – at least in my opinion – chances for people photo taking, and I’m quite happy … Continue reading

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Haneda Airport.

Our flight arrived at 07:30, and our connection was delayed until 11.30. Normally this would’ve entailed heated conversations, stress and accusations, but this was Japan. A bow, a sincere apology, a quick service recovery and we were on our way, … Continue reading

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Film review – Nordfor sola (North of the Sun)

I’ve never really felt at ease on the sea, and I suck at most sports, especially if such activities can be accompanied by the word “extreme”. In this mindset it’s hard to try and explain why I decided to pay … Continue reading

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