British Airways’ New Talent Awards

A bit of a late notice, given the timelines, but here’s something interesting for my fellow travel writers: on yesterday’s flight, whilst browsing through the BA in-flight magazine, I noticed a call for young (up to 30 years old) writers, photographers and filmmakers to participate to the High Life New Talent Awards.
For a couple of reasons, according to the rule book, I’m not allowed to participate, but that won’t stop me advertising it on these pages, perhaps someone I know – albeit virtually – will be able to win! Basically, if you are a writer, or a photographer, or a film maker, BA’s magazine is asking you to submit a piece on the theme of ‘cities’. I quote:
The overarching theme of the competition this year will be simply ‘cities’. Writers entering the awards will be asked to submit a well-structured, original and captivating 500-word travel feature about a city of their choice. Photographers should submit up to three images that capture the essence of their chosen city, in a way that is imaginative and astute. Film-makers should submit an evocative film about their city that is up to three minutes long, demonstrating both technical and creative ability. The judging panel will include BBC world affairs editor John Simpson, the renowned photographer, Rankin, and director, scriptwriter and punk pioneer, Viv Albertine.
The prize for the winner in each category is an assignment for High Life, which will be printed on High Life or will be available in the magazine’s website.
The small print is: you need to be a UK resident, between 18 and 30, not an employee of BA, Cedar, their agencies or a close relative of an employee of the above. The deadline is 23:59 GMT on January 3rd.

If you want to read it all, it’s here. Good luck!

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