As the sun sets over the capital.

Unless you are a diehard fan of “Lost in Translation” – and, let’s be clear, I am not – there are a few reasons to visit Shinjuku. Skyscrapers can be found in strangest shapes in Odaiba or Shimbashi; neon lights are wilder in Shibuya; food is ubiquitous everywhere you go in Tokyo. But there’s one place that is well worth a visit, and that place is Tokyo’s Metropolitan Building’s tower, designed by Kenzo Tange.
This building, with its elaborate facade and looks that could yield it a place in one of the original Star Wars film, has two observation decks located on the 45th floor which, unlike the expensive Tokyo Sky Tree, come for free. North tower has the disadvantage of being half cordoned off by a cafe, which takes the side facing Mount Fuji, but in a world where freebies are increasingly scarce, especially when tall buildings are involved, it’s still a nice gesture. And a very valid reason to head for Shinjuku.

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6 Responses to As the sun sets over the capital.

  1. Charming and love the image with the sun 😊

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  2. varasc says:

    Really superb and charming images, in a lovely light.

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  3. I like Shinjuku. Beautiful gardens. Alleys lined with smoky, characterful old yakatori stands. Mesmerising neon, although as you say nothing Shibuya doesn’t have.

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    • awtytravels says:

      Shinjuku, to me, gives a feeling of something past its prime. The skyscrapers are all largely from the bubble economy times, the shops look sometimes tired… but it’s surprisingly quiet, at times, food’s still great – you’re right about the yakitori sellers! – and there’s this nice tower with good views. Happy days!


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