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Silence, Japanese gardens and peacocks.

I love Saturday mornings. Quoting freely from Stephen King, they have an air of unexpressed potential, something close to the first day of the summer school holidays: the working week is just gone and all that unfolds ahead is two … Continue reading

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Unlikely matchings.

I was browsing some photos from the Landschaftspark Duisburg which I’d taken last year, and I stumbled upon this one. This roulotte was meant to be some indie food truck of sorts, but it struck quite an impression in my mind. … Continue reading

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Richmond park.

One of the most famous stalwarts of Richmond are the wild deers in the homonymous park. I embarked on a walk, yesterday, hoping to see them (five years in town and I’d seen them only once, you see), but obviously the … Continue reading

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Hanoi: life on the streets.

I love writing longreads, but sometimes there are places, situations or moments where that only great writers can render through words, and I’m not of them. One such place is Hanoi’s Old Quarter. I could ramble about it for pages … Continue reading

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Book review: “The places in between” by Rory Stewart, Mariner Books.

Every now and then I happen to lay my hands on a creased, coffee-stained copy of glossy travel magazines. Be it Condé Nast, be it Monocle, it’s bound to eventually pontificate over which country, or city, is the next big … Continue reading

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Under the hammer and sickle.

I grew up as the Communist empire withered and parched. I was a toddler when the Berlin wall went down, something that my mind didn’t register if not for the notion that, somewhere, it was OK to tear down walls and … Continue reading

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