Surfin’ LI.M.A.

If everybody had an ocean
Across LI.M.A.
Then everybody’d be surfin’
Like Miraf…
Nah, it doesn’t rhyme.
Beach boys analogies aside, Miraflores was a surprise. It was the tail end of our permanence in Peru and Miraflores provided a welcome change. It sounds very unadventurous, but for once we were glad to be somewhere with sidewalks, cars stopping at pedestrian crossings or at traffic lights and a hotel with hot running water. On top of that there was the ocean front where the jeunesse dorée of Lima flocked to do paragliding and, obviously, surfing. I didn’t know that surf was popular at all in Lima, but it turned to be a growing sport, and the towering cliffs of Miraflores, plunging on to the narrow cobbled beach were the ideal viewing platform for the action below. And to try and bastardise a Beach Boys hit, with little success as you can see.
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8 Responses to Surfin’ LI.M.A.

  1. Miraflores is such a wonderful place! Glad you enjoyed it.


  2. lexklein says:

    Such a tease! Where else have you been? I guess that’s coming in due time …
    I agree that Miraflores was a nice little change of pace after some time in the mountains closer to Cusco and the Sacred Valley. I have to say I preferred the latter, but I did like the cliffside views, some good food, a really comfy hotel, etc. Did those clouds ever lift in Lima while you were there? It’s a prettier city on sunny days.

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    • awtytravels says:

      Indeed, it’s all coming in due time. Miraflores was a nice change after 2 days literally on the road, and even if the hotel wasn’t the poshest it was nonetheless nice, and not hearing horns blaring every second a godsend. The clouds lifted a little bit on our last day in, our first day reminded me of Northern Italy in November…

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  3. You gotta record that song, the Beach Boys would totally come back and do a cover just for you

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  4. LaVagabonde says:

    Just got back from South America and boy do I understand the pleasure of a hot shower. 😀 Fabulous photos.

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