Song(s) for the Road 5 – Waylaid by the War on Drugs

It was meant to be a busy afternoon. I’ve spent the day delivering a course, the first time in my life being a trainer rather than a trainee (if only my mother could’ve seen me!) and I’ve returned to 60 emails that have piled up in my inbox, house chores and, if ever I get the chance, the mammoth task of making a review of Peter Robb’s A Death in Brazil that I can find worth of such a masterpiece.
But then I went on YouTube and I stumbled upon a new song by The War on Drugs, and everything got waylaid. Because it’s The War on Drugs, because it’s 11 minutes long and because it’s the third time I’ve heard it, just listening to the melody. Since I’d like you to join my sudden decline in productivity, here’s the song itself.

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2 Responses to Song(s) for the Road 5 – Waylaid by the War on Drugs

  1. J.D. Riso says:

    The musical labyrinth of Youtube is a sure productivity killer. I’ve wandered into it many times and when I finally escape I find I’ve forgotten what it was I wanted to accomplish. Thanks for the link. I’ve never heard of these guys.

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