Out of the steppe.

There are trips we’ve wanted to do for a lifetime, which work their way up to the top of your bucket list. Well, I’ve just crossed one from mine and if I had to distil it in four pictures whilst I get my tennis elbow yet another good workout with pen and paper, these would be it. So long Aral, and thank you for the fish.

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7 Responses to Out of the steppe.

  1. J.D. Riso says:

    Another trip! And a big one, too. Fabulous. I’ve managed to cross 4 out of my top 5 (I don’t refer to my list as bucket ;)), 3 of them happened within the span of 13 months. It’s such a satisfying feeling. Can’t wait to hear about this one, Fabrizio.

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  2. lexklein says:

    You and I have similar fascinations. Only difference is you are checking them off, and I am not! (Well, I did get Mongolia in last summer …) Good to see some of these places at least vicariously right here! I look forward to the full write-up.

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