Tackling the long form.

I once had a colleague who, in retrospective, I wish I’d known better. He left the company before I could, proof once again that the only outcome of too many postponements is missing out on things. But I digress; I had a colleague, once, and that guy had an uncanny ability to ask the right questions. One day over lunch he asked one of those: “if you needn’t worry about money, what job would you do?”.
There was only one answer, for there is only one dream job that, even in my dreams, I know could never pay enough: travel writing.
Now, I think I’m getting close to that. Not to getting paid – oh no, not that – but to making a job out of it. The hours poured into this nascent project, this veritable labour of love, are rivalling those invested – or wasted, I should say – in the dayjob, the one that pays the bill. I’ll be back with more, but in the meantime, here’s a teaser to end this post.

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29 Responses to Tackling the long form.

  1. Sounds interesting. Best of luck with it…whatever *it* is.

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  2. Looking forward to more

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  3. I am so looking forward to this, Fabrizio. Hope the editing is going well!

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  4. Bama says:

    A Mongolian ger, a surveillance camera, an ancient tomb (in Uzbekistan?), a Bactrian camel… I shouldn’t be surprised that the theme revolves around Central Asia. I remember when I read your old posts on this part of the world, I could tell how much you were fascinated by this region. Good luck with your book, Fabrizio!

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  5. Anna says:

    Oh wow this is so cool! I promise to buy your book when published!

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  6. Lignum Draco says:

    Good luck with achieving the dream and your labour of love. A friend of mine is a professional travel writer for newspapers and magazines and he gets paid to travel and review resorts, etc. I express my envy to him regularly.

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    • awtytravels says:

      Lucky duck! Although… I’m going independently and I’m actually happy about it. Don’t know how it’d be if I was on a schedule, with a boss breathing down my neck..


  7. Good luck! Can’t wait to read it!

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  8. richandalice says:

    Clearly your new career path involves designing heraldic crests.

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  9. equinoxio21 says:

    Travel writer. Sounds promising. All well?

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  10. Looking forward to hearing more. That is a very cool drawing!

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  11. Exciting! Good luck with the completion. Hopefully you’ll make oodles of money and can quit your day job.

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  12. Dave Ply says:

    I can’t Stan the suspense. I’m sure it’ll be great, whatever it is. And even if it doesn’t make you rich, it’ll be a great CV for travel editors…

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  13. I am thrilled to hear that you are pursuing your dream with vigor and have a forthcoming book in the works! I am a HUGE fan of your travel writing and look forward to your publication in August. Did you create that artwork? It is glorious.

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    • awtytravels says:

      Hi Lisa!
      Many thanks, way too kind… let’s see how it goes. The art work thingy has been sketched indeed by me, but a friend who is really skilled turned it into ‘reality’.

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