Farewell, Maestro.

It’s not the purpose of this blog to start featuring obituaries but, today, I’m making an exception. I’ve just read that Ennio Morricone has left us aged 91 (still too soon if you ask me). People with far greater eloquence than me will publish much better articles; they will exalt his career, enumerate his successes, lament the dismal treatment he received by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. I’ll just leave here this scene from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: it’s the scene of the search for Arch Stanton’s tomb. A magnificient scene by itself, but destined for immortality by Morricone’s Ecstasy of Gold. Even a cinematography illiterate like myself can’t avoid feeling goosebumps each and every time I see Tuco running around in a crescendo of desperation.
Sit tibi terra levis, Maestro.


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6 Responses to Farewell, Maestro.

  1. I’ve only ever heard of Ennio Morricone because I’m a huge fan of competitive figure skating. Many skaters have used his music over the years and I fell in love with it. And recently I’ve been playing things like Gabriel’s Oboe to help me unwind at night. He was indeed a Maestro! Here are a couple of skating routines for you to watch.


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  2. Dave Ply says:

    I mostly know of Morricone from a CD I have of Yo-Yo Ma playing excerpts, with orchestra, that Morricone composed for various movies and pieces. Those two are quite the impressive combination…

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  3. Andre Surkis says:

    He will remain in memory for many years, his incredibly amazing music will live forever …


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