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“Out of Steppe” by Daniel Metcalfe, Arrow – Random House

If the passion for travelling off the beaten path, exploring places that don’t make it on the top-shelf brochure at your local Trailfinders (but, let’s face it, they don’t even make it to the bottom one), was a genetic strand … Continue reading

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“A Death in Brazil: A Book of Omissions”, by Peter Robb, Bloomsbury.

Courtesy Bloomsbury publishing If I were to trawl through my notebooks, through the shapeless lumps of bytes that make the impalpable documents folder in my laptop’s solid-state drive, I’d find a page, or many a .docx files, titled exactly like … Continue reading

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“Arabian Sands”, by Wilfred Thesiger, Penguin Books.

Italo Calvino once wrote that a ‘classic’ is a book that has never finished saying what it has to say. If this is the approved meter of judgement for the category, then I’ve no doubts that Arabian Sands belongs to … Continue reading

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Book review: “The places in between” by Rory Stewart, Mariner Books.

Every now and then I happen to lay my hands on a creased, coffee-stained copy of glossy travel magazines. Be it Condé Nast, be it Monocle, it’s bound to eventually pontificate over which country, or city, is the next big … Continue reading

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“Blood river. A journey to Africa’s broken heart” by Tim Butcher, Vintage.

I was travelling through a country with more past than future, a place where the hands of the clock spin not forwards, but backwards. It doesn’t happen very often to me to mumble “No shit” at an audible level on … Continue reading

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“Dark Star Safari” by Paul Theroux, Penguin Books

Source Paul Theroux and I go a long way. I originally picked up his book almost one year ago, in its podcast form, and then – almost immediately – dropped it. The reason? The voice of the reader: whereas … Continue reading

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“In Search of Kazakhstan”, by Christopher Robbins, Profile Books

I might not be a shopper faithful to the brands, but when it comes to books I’m quite a man of habit in the sense that I have a tendency to stick with an author that I know and respect and … Continue reading

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“To a Mountain in Tibet’, by Colin Thubron, Vintage

Courtesy Goodreads There’s an expression that Stephen King seemingly likes to use when describing the rapture of writing or reading, the feeling of concentrating on the task at hand so much that we end up being oblivious to the passing … Continue reading

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“Chile – Travels in a thin country”, by Sara Wheeler, Abacus

Having spent most of my reading time engrossed in travel literature I think I’m now adequately equipped to put together a brief phenomonology of the writer of this genre that I so much adore. Let’s assume to have a chart, … Continue reading

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“Terra incognita”, by Sara Wheeler, Vintage

Did you ever come across a travel book that you have to read only in tiny bites, small series of pages in order to prevent you from saying “Ah, sod it” and leave the bus-train-metro-sofa where you were reading it, airport-bound? … Continue reading

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