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Granville Island Market, Vancouver

Immediately south of downtown Vancouver lies Granville Island. The fact that this is actually a peninsula gives me room to think that locals have a thing for giving the wrong names to places, a suspicion that is confirmed by the … Continue reading

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Vancouver, or the discouraging realisation of not living there.

There’s an article that usually pops up in the summer, prepared by the Economist’s Intelligence Unit, called “The Best Places to Live”. It’s a very serious undertaking by a very serious magazine but for all the seriousness and academic rigueur what we … Continue reading

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Sailing to Vancouver: a journey across the Georgia Straits

The ferry has barely had the time to leave the jetty that the rudder is already making the big boat steer westwards, avoiding an impending wall of rocks. There, in front of us, lies a branch of open waters, fringed … Continue reading

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An early morning flight over Vancouver Island, BC.

It was going to be a gorgeous, hot and sunny day, but that was the future. Back then it was 6:30 and I was shivering in my shirt, weary and red-eyed after a night on a bench at Vancouver Airport. … Continue reading

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Random memories: Montréal, QC, Canada

Friday night, undeterred by the hefty price and the venue’s notoriously horrid acoustics, we made the trek to Earl’s Court to see one of the best bands arounds in these sad days when Justin Biebers and One Directions roam free: … Continue reading

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