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The world from above – An air race over the skies of Iran

The flight was rather uneventful, a barely half-full Qatar Airways Airbus A380 from Doha to London. Meal trays were being cleared away and I was about to decide which film would’ve been more appropriate to induce me to sleep as … Continue reading

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Maids in the Middle East

There’s a brilliant cartoon on the BBC Magazine this week. It’s called Almaz’s Story and it’s been made by Benjamin Dix and Lindsay Pollock of Positive Negatives. It’s a story that most of us must’ve heard frequently, the one of an … Continue reading

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Sand, slavery and racism: welcome to Dubai, y’all

I landed at Dubai’s airport in the worst mood possible: one part crossed and two parts pissed in the hangover sense of the term. I was crossed because this was a no-notice job and, for once, I had plans that … Continue reading

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