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Moroccan people watching

I love sitting back and watching a city going by, its citizens minding their own businesses. It feels like being a silent observer, one of those grey men that Michael Ende wrote about in Momo, just without the cigar and the … Continue reading

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Marrakech: impressions from an ochre city

“My name is Mustapha, I come from the Sahara, I am a Saharawi. Please, please come see the textiles woven by my women”. Mustapha might really be a Saharawi, it’s been a long time since the plight of his people has … Continue reading

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Irrelevant differences: visiting Mellah, the Jewish quarter of Marrakech

“Est-ce que ceci a été le quartier juif, donc?” Is this the old Jewish quarter, I ask, rather timorously, to my self-appointed guide. It’s Sunday, the day that will pass to history for the biggest gathering of people in a single … Continue reading

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