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Brexit: if you’re a masochist, it’s the real deal (Part 2).

In my previous instalment, I tried to address a few common misconceptions around the EU; in this one I’ll try and have a look at the three main scenarios that the UK could follow should it decide to secede from … Continue reading

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Brexit? If you’re a masochist, it’s the real deal (Part 1).

This time last year we were all panicking about a possible Scottish secession, something that surely appealed to Braveheart fans, but didn’t make sense under any other point of view. This year it’s Brexit and, since work has sort of killed … Continue reading

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The UK general elections: they’re doing it all wrong.

So, on May 7th citizens of the UK will be going to cast their ballot to elect who’s going to have the privilege of living at No. 11 for the next five years. As a foreigner living in London, and … Continue reading

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Where the vita isn’t dolce.

There are, in every country, in every language, words that have a deeper, more profound meaning than the mere concept they define. Take, for instance, Balaclava: in British English, might be a garment used by bank robbers or motorbikers, but … Continue reading

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Irrelevant differences: visiting Mellah, the Jewish quarter of Marrakech

“Est-ce que ceci a été le quartier juif, donc?” Is this the old Jewish quarter, I ask, rather timorously, to my self-appointed guide. It’s Sunday, the day that will pass to history for the biggest gathering of people in a single … Continue reading

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Maids in the Middle East

There’s a brilliant cartoon on the BBC Magazine this week. It’s called Almaz’s Story and it’s been made by Benjamin Dix and Lindsay Pollock of Positive Negatives. It’s a story that most of us must’ve heard frequently, the one of an … Continue reading

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Occupy Central vs Beijing: it’s turning nasty.

I don’t want to turn this into a politics blog but I cannot avoid writing about Occupy Central and their protests. Ever since I saw them picketing a skyscraper downtown, belonging to a wealthy billionaire with connections with Beijing’s elite, … Continue reading

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Reducing one’s personal environmental footprint: my way of dealing with the problem.

I’m a climate change sceptic. It’s not that I don’t believe it’s happening, but I seriously think that most of what’s happening in the world has very little to do with us and there’s plenty of evidence to support that. Look … Continue reading

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“Unreasonable Behaviour”, by Don McCullin, Vintage

I was ravaged and confused by this war as never before, and could not see not the smallest justification for it. Or for my presence here – unless it was to remind people, through my pictures, of the futility of … Continue reading

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Occupy Central: will the world’s politest protest lead Hong Kong to democracy?

It was a strange sight indeed, at least for my cynical European eyes; under a murderous sun, about a hundred activists were crowding the bit of pavement under the shiny Cheung Kong Holdings skyscraper in Central, Hong Kong. It was … Continue reading

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