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Saving a corner of wilderness.

Regulars of this blog will know that I originally hail from NW Italy. I was born in Piedmont but spent a lot of time in neighbouring Val d’Aosta (also known as Almost Switzerland). A region of glaciers, woods, gurgling streams, … Continue reading

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Slow dawn

I’m normally up at 5.30, 6.30 on weekends. Yes, that’s sad. A few months ago I could get up, dressed, fed and caffeinated in the dazzling light of the sun, already high over the city. Then July gave way to … Continue reading

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“Arabian Sands”, by Wilfred Thesiger, Penguin Books.

Italo Calvino once wrote that a ‘classic’ is a book that has never finished saying what it has to say. If this is the approved meter of judgement for the category, then I’ve no doubts that Arabian Sands belongs to … Continue reading

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“Ninety Percent of Everything”, by Rose George, Picador

I’m an intrinsically sceptical person, the sort of individual who’s the thorn in the side of marketers, focus group organisers or pollsters. Give an advert saying “The best book of the year” and I’ll immediately think ‘bullshit’. Make me read … Continue reading

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British Airways’ New Talent Awards

A bit of a late notice, given the timelines, but here’s something interesting for my fellow travel writers: on yesterday’s flight, whilst browsing through the BA in-flight magazine, I noticed a call for young (up to 30 years old) writers, … Continue reading

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“The Lost Heart of Asia”, by Colin Thubron, Vintage

Then I heard Pasha calling me to return. It was late and dark, he said, and this was not our country. It doesn’t happen often, for me, to arrive at the last word of a book and think Aw fuck, … Continue reading

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Food for the road: beer-marinated rabbit and Kuroda potatoes

A few weeks ago I left the Alpine Lys Valley, where I visited my friend Federico’s new business Paysage à Manger, with some kilos’ worth of potatoes of four different types, species that have been unavailable from our tables for … Continue reading

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(Shameless advertisement) A new enhancement! A new page! Oooh!

…yes, much like those airlines that put up such a circus for having change their logo in the most imperceptible way (yes Cathay Pacific, I’m talking about you) I’m devolving a whole post to a rather minor change on this … Continue reading

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Occupy Central vs Beijing: it’s turning nasty.

I don’t want to turn this into a politics blog but I cannot avoid writing about Occupy Central and their protests. Ever since I saw them picketing a skyscraper downtown, belonging to a wealthy billionaire with connections with Beijing’s elite, … Continue reading

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Reducing one’s personal environmental footprint: my way of dealing with the problem.

I’m a climate change sceptic. It’s not that I don’t believe it’s happening, but I seriously think that most of what’s happening in the world has very little to do with us and there’s plenty of evidence to support that. Look … Continue reading

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