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Modern art

I don’t often go to modern art fairs, mainly because I don’t get it at all, and I have a tendency to express scorn and not-so-educated scathing comments  out loud when everyone else is silent (it’s a family gift, Dad … Continue reading

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A quiet day at the Atelier

A few months ago I wrote about  Jozséf Perlaki and his son Vince who, in the Hungarian town of Veszprém, are busy reviving the ancient art of stained glass. Today I paid a visit to their atelier, finding them in-between jobs. A … Continue reading

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Marseillais Graffiti – A photo essay (Part II)

As promised in the previous instalment, here’s the second part of my photo essay about Marseille’s street art. Graffiti are, without a shadow of a doubt, the main actor on the stage that are the Panier’s walls. But it’d be … Continue reading

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Marseillais Graffiti – A photo essay

As with many other cities in France, Marseille has a tough stance on graffiti. Fines and prosecution for taggers are serious business and, unlike neighbouring Italy, vandalising public properties is no longer condoned as an unsuppressable physical need felt by … Continue reading

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Naples: unearthing the treasure trove (Part I)

The cab was a Rénault estate, so old that – had it been a person –  it could’ve legally been allowed to drive. It had about 300,000 km on the odometer and, rather worryingly, wobbly seat belts that wouldn’t tighten … Continue reading

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Capturing light: the lost art of stained glass in Hungary

Hungary, in my humble opinion, is one of the most underrated countries in Central Europe. Most of those who bothered visiting either contented themselves with a quick trip over to Budapest or with a cruise down the Danube, oblivious of … Continue reading

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