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You Were Filthy But Fine.

“You were filthy but fine” sang James Murphy in that LCD Soundsystem jewel that is New York I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down and I, for once, think that it could very well fit to Beirut. Spotless, it certainly … Continue reading

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Approaching Beirut.

Beirut, Paris of the East. Beirut, mother of laws. Beirut, the city that can be Rio, Miami and 1943 Stalingrad all within the same block. Beirut, the filthy. Beirut, the ironic (another French legacy I suspect). Beirut, you’ve got the … Continue reading

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Downtown Madrid was being swept away by a Eat, pray, love-like typhoon. Everywhere I turned, all I could see were tourists in search for anything that was artisanal, local and – why not – gluten free as well. In the Mercado … Continue reading

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On the walls: Graffiti of Rio

Graffiti, in Rio, are ubiquitous. Sometimes they are nothing more than annoying clutter on our cities’ walls, petty vandalism and damages to other people’s property, but sometimes they have a purpose, a function. In Beyoglu, at the core of Istanbul’s … Continue reading

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The stubborn resilience of life

Ruins. Peeled paint. Rust. Dust. Walls tilted to impossible angles, defying gravity. Roofs caving in. Empty plots strewn with rubbish. Stray animals. These are some of the features that welcome the visitor in Tbilisi’s old town and, there’s no way … Continue reading

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Marseillais Graffiti – A photo essay (Part II)

As promised in the previous instalment, here’s the second part of my photo essay about Marseille’s street art. Graffiti are, without a shadow of a doubt, the main actor on the stage that are the Panier’s walls. But it’d be … Continue reading

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Marseillais Graffiti – A photo essay

As with many other cities in France, Marseille has a tough stance on graffiti. Fines and prosecution for taggers are serious business and, unlike neighbouring Italy, vandalising public properties is no longer condoned as an unsuppressable physical need felt by … Continue reading

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