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Occupy Central vs Beijing: it’s turning nasty.

I don’t want to turn this into a politics blog but I cannot avoid writing about Occupy Central and their protests. Ever since I saw them picketing a skyscraper downtown, belonging to a wealthy billionaire with connections with Beijing’s elite, … Continue reading

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A faith stronger than communism or mainland tourists: Man Mo Temple, Hong Kong

On our last day in Hong Kong, disappointed by the antiques sellers in Cat streets – everyone had the same bundle of Maoist posters, pictures of Kai Tag and fake Communist paraphernalia – we stumbled upon a true gem. Founded … Continue reading

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A bowl of duck noodles and dumplings: how Hong Kong redeemed itself.

Hong Kong had, up that moment, disappointed us. True, the sci-fi looks we had expected were as shiny as we wanted them to be, but everything else was too sanitised, too franchised and too blatantly volgar for us to like … Continue reading

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The city that turned itself into a theme park.

A few hours from Hong Kong, I found myself looking around in the cavernous tranquility of the main deck of the British Airways’ A380, glancing at the faces of my fellow passengers. Many were asleep, relaxed expressions painted blue by … Continue reading

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Occupy Central: will the world’s politest protest lead Hong Kong to democracy?

It was a strange sight indeed, at least for my cynical European eyes; under a murderous sun, about a hundred activists were crowding the bit of pavement under the shiny Cheung Kong Holdings skyscraper in Central, Hong Kong. It was … Continue reading

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