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Leaving it all behind: a journey to Jaffa and the coast.

Jerusalem on a Shabbat is as close as the initial sequences of 28 days later as it can get. Empty streets, only a few hours before riddled with busy pedestrians and erratic motorist, stretched in every direction. No buses, no … Continue reading

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Bethlehem, or how the other half lives.

Call me ignorant, but Bethlehem always evoked pastoral ideas, of secluded grottos – or shacks, depending on the version you liked the most – and of comets. What we found was (once we got on the Arab bus that no … Continue reading

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Entering Jurassic Park.

The bus screeched to a halt, its right wheels upon the raised platform that constituted the sidewalk of the checkpoint, a structure so ordinary that I originally mistook it for a toll barrier. Without a word, the majority of the … Continue reading

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51 years between them

So it’s official. Naftali, Gilad and Eyal, the three Israeli teenagers kidnapped just outside Hebron, West Bank, have been found dead. They barely had 51 years of age between all of them. It also seems that they had been killed … Continue reading

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