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Confessions of a graphomaniac.

Doctor, dear doctor, help me for I’m a graphomaniac. Yes doctor, I love paper. I adore the smell of the thing, the muffled noise of a pencil running on a smooth sheet. In a nutshell, doctor, I love writing. I … Continue reading

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“Arabian Sands”, by Wilfred Thesiger, Penguin Books.

Italo Calvino once wrote that a ‘classic’ is a book that has never finished saying what it has to say. If this is the approved meter of judgement for the category, then I’ve no doubts that Arabian Sands belongs to … Continue reading

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Yet again at the airport, leaving somewhere I’d rather be to go somewhere I don’t particularly wish to go to do stuff I wouldn’t mind not doing. But unfortunately bills gotta get paid.

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Bumping in your fellow countrymen abroad

It’s a common story, one that you’re likely to hear in any chronicle of a travel abroad told by friends, acquaintances or relatives: “So there I was, bang in the middle of the dodgy suburbs of Kinshasa and guess what? … Continue reading

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Flying for the sake of it.

As a teenager I used, to calm myself down and cool off my problems by walking my dog. Tracey, my trusty German shepherd dog, would walk with me through parks and roads, scrub lands and mountains, happily making path ahead … Continue reading

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