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Quiet is the night.

Silently, almost on tiptoe, a white cover descended on the city. You casually glance out the window and you realise that the landscape has changed. It’s minus something, and everything suggests staying indoors, where there’s warmth and good food. But can … Continue reading

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Widening my cultural horizons – classical concert night

Have you ever read those jokes where books, historical events or theatre plays are synthetized in one or two sentences? You know, those where Homer’s Odyssey is condensed in something along the lines of “A man leaves home for twenty … Continue reading

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A snowfall in provincial Hungary.

Veszprém, raise your hand if you heard about the place. It’s medium-sized city, pretty and dear to my heart but, other than that, pretty much obscure for, I bet, 95% of the world’s population. This is what, in my opinion, makes … Continue reading

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A quiet day at the Atelier

A few months ago I wrote about  Jozséf Perlaki and his son Vince who, in the Hungarian town of Veszprém, are busy reviving the ancient art of stained glass. Today I paid a visit to their atelier, finding them in-between jobs. A … Continue reading

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First snow.

This is, for me, the first snow of the season. It might not be much, but feeling the refreshing touch of snowflakes landing on my face and the soft noise of frozen snow cracking under my feet is a great … Continue reading

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Capturing light: the lost art of stained glass in Hungary

Hungary, in my humble opinion, is one of the most underrated countries in Central Europe. Most of those who bothered visiting either contented themselves with a quick trip over to Budapest or with a cruise down the Danube, oblivious of … Continue reading

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