So, here’s the list of places I’m going to visit in the future, and when. History tells me that about 90% of my plans fall through (and that’s not a good sign, for one who does planning for a living) but this won’t stop me from trying. If you spot a place written in italics that means that the jury is still out on it, i.e. that I haven’t bought the tickets yet (usually because I’m waiting for the money, ha). Will you be any of these places while I’m there? Drop me a line, let’s arrange a catch up!


  • September: Palermo, Italy
  • September: Highlands, Scotland

25 thoughts on “Where to next?

  1. hi
    very nice blog!

    I see you are visiting Hungary soon, I’m from Hungary actually but living in Kazakhstan right now, where you are also planning to come as I see.

    If you are planning on coming to Almaty, let me know

    in the meantime, enjoy every trip

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    • Jo reggelt Dave! Indeed I visit Hungary very frequently, up to the point of considering it my aspirational home. I’m also trying to pick up the language, which isn’t very easy (because, let’s face it, each time I try and speak with a Hungarian he/she gets all excited by hearing a foreigner blabbering in Hungarian, and there comes a torrent of words…). I’m thinking about visiting Kazakhstan, it’s all up finances. What brought you to Almaty?


  2. woww, jó reggelt 🙂 (already afternoon for me as I’m in Seoul right now)

    I’m impressed too … what brings you to hungary frequently? … and good luck with the language, not to discourage you, but it’s almost a mission impossible (but only almost, because I’ve met 1-2 people who could learn it)

    I’m currently working in Almaty (in international public sector)

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  3. TBilisi seems to be all the rage lately…. I’ve had 4 separate friends visit there these past few months! I hope you get there, would like to hear/see your take on it!

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